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Tvisha is a Certified Interior Decorator and Feng Shui Expert. She has spent her last decade living in the USA & Canada creating beautiful spaces with her passion for Interior decoration & Feng Shui.

Her Interior Decor Style is inspired by the principles of Biophilic Designs and Feng Shui. She believes in merging aesthetics with functionality. The core of her style is listening to her client’s vision and creating Zen Spaces for her clients be it a Commercial Office or a Residential Space. Her mastery in Feng Shui ensures a positive flow of energy, helping eliminate blockages which translate into Prosperity and Happiness at Work, Home, and Life for her clients.

Tvisha Korada Mishra

Founder & C.E.O

what you can expect from us


Our background and expertise in Feng Shui and interior design over the last decade across USA & Canada is the foundation of our business. We have a strong affinity towards Biophilic designs that help bring the calming aspects of nature indoors. We invest our time and efforts in creating an oasis for our clients where they can relax and rejuvenate themselves. We are a tight knit team of talented experts dedicated to delivering top notch services to transform their living spaces.


What you can expect from us.

We help home & business owners create lovable, functional living spaces that allow the flow of positive energy to maximize health, wealth, and happiness in their lives. Unlike big interior decorating firms with large teams and departments, we are able to provide top notch service and attention to each and every project.

We build honest & transparent relationships with our clients guiding them every step of the way in building a Zen space that aligns in all aspects of their lifestyle and helps them thrive.


To create nature inspired luxurious spaces that are energetically balanced for home & business owners, so they can enjoy a life of abundance & success.

OUR PHILOSOPHY... Why we do, what we do!

We aspire to be recognized as the leading Feng Shui & Interior Decoration consultant in GTA for small to mid sized business owners.

Our mission is creating sanctuary spaces infusing the principles of Feng Shui & Biophilic Designs that facilitate Growth, Happiness & Success for our clients.


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One size doesn’t fit all! You are unique and so is your space. This is the most crucial stage where we connect and discuss your vision, objectives and preferences in a complimentary discovery call so that we can craft the best-suited design solution.

Here is where you find out whether we are best fit for you too.

Complimentary Discovery  Call



This is the most important step as we discuss in detail the scope of your project and services booked. Measurements and photographs are taken during this phase so that we can develop timelines and outline deliverables.

Consult Meet


design pHASE


Adventure begins! We will chalk out a custom solution along with creating layouts, renderings and reports based on your custom project scope.

You will be provided with your unique Client access on our Business portal so that every aspect of your project is impeccably organised for a seamless and hassle-free experience. This portal will serve as an information and records hub providing ready access (24X7) for your specific project throughout its duration.

Design Phase


approvals & contracts


Once the concept design is approved by you, we start building the deliverables for the awe you are looking for. Here's where you approve designs, sign contracts, set up trade days and appointments. You also get to review timelines, budgets and order products.

We will work with you through the pre-scheduled video conference sessions to review and revise designs till we reach the end goal.

Approvals & Contracts




Here the Spatial Transformation begins on-site! 

With our industry expertise and extensive vendor network, we ensure you receive a seamless and smooth experience throughout the construction and completion project phases. At completion a final quality check is done, project space cleaned up and readied for use.

Project Phase




We style your space, take professional photographs as a keepsake and go over the final details before the team moves out.

Our passion is to position you for success and achieve an elegant design look and feel that you will be proud of. If you are ready to take the initiate your journey to your dream space, lets chat!

Styling & Handover




"Last April I had a consultation with Tvisha to help us with the layout of our 10 x 10 office space. I had read about the importance of desk placement to bring in new business opportunities and approached Tvisha to help. At our consultation, She immediately talked about the importance of Ch’i or Energy and how it affects your business and how placing certain items in your office will increase aspects of your business like, cash-flow & productivity. I learned so much about Feng Shui during our consultation. Not only did Tvisha provide amazing tips during our meeting but, her very detailed report included much more than just our desk placement, she also mentions about the use of plants, artwork, blinds and colours and much more.

Tvisha is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Feng Shui, her passion for this special art is infectious. I am happy to have her as part of our preferred interior design roster. I would highly recommend Tvisha to home owners and business owners".


Operations Manager

Maxlor Custom Homes & Renovations

"With Tvisha’s expert guidance and support throughout the decorating process, I no longer felt lost and overwhelmed. Her talent for using the principles of Feng Shui to design spaces with difficult layouts was an immense help in making my space work for my needs.

I also appreciated that she took functionality into consideration with each design choice without compromising on style. It has been a pleasure to work with Tvisha and I would highly recommend her".


Assistant Brand Manager

Iovate Health Sciences International Inc.

"Tvisha  is absolutely brilliant in Feng Shui and Interior decoration.

Her aesthetic sense is very refined and has superior talent in creating functional spaces. We were delighted to see the exquisite design she created for our Master Bathroom. Her 'Personal Feng Shui & Crystal' reading were spot on and gave a lot of insight and clarity on optimization of positive energy flow in our home and workspace. 

Tvisha is highly recommended if you are looking for a positive transformation of your work or living spaces".


Brand Strategist & Director 

Zoom Into Life Studio Inc.

I hired Tvisha to do a Feng Shui Consultation for my office space in the design studio.

I believe in Feng Shui but do not have the expertise in this field. Tvisha was very thorough and knowledgeable. Her expertise was showcased throughout her work. Quality, detail, and professionalism. A very detailed report was provided to me after her initial site observation. I implemented her suggestions and noticed an immediate improvement in business and health. I highly recommend Tvisha.


President / Creative Director

Lionsgate Design Inc.

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