An ancient practice of creating balance and harmony in the environment that surrounds you. With White Wolf Interiors’ Feng Shui expertise, we effectively help to clear blockages and reset the misaligned energy in your life. By providing helpful guidelines, our Feng Shui interior design services bring our clients wide-ranging benefits from improvements in health, prosperity, and career, to stronger relationships and increased happiness. 

Advanced Classical & Modern Feng Shui Analysis with detailed reports

Energy Map of the Space 

Personal Feng Shui Reading Report

Cures for Clearing Blockages/Misalignment of Energy 

Follow-up and Maintenance Plan

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Our services include:


We offer Feng Shui decorating services that are custom and personalized, guided by the pillars of the ancient practice and adapted to suit your particular space and personality. Our services create spaces that are harmonized while remaining functional and aesthetically pleasing, effectively optimizing your space both physically and spiritually.


Tvisha from White Wolf Interiors is incredibly detailed and knowledgable.

What was supposed to be a one hour meeting turned into two separate 90 minute discussions on various topics of design.
She taught me about the power and impact that Feng Shui can have in transforming both a space and those in it. Her commitment to continued education and doing best by her clients is what impressed me the most.

She will work within any budget and has built an impress team of trusted professionals that can complete the project from start to finish. A truly customized and wonderful service. I would highly recommend.


Home Owner

[ 1/14 ]

Tvisha is an amazing interior designer. We hired her to redo our kitchen, living room, master bath and guest bath and paint work for our detached home. She made our house into a masterpiece with kitchen and living room being turned into showstopper. She was our single point of contact and dealt with contractors. Handled all the scheduling with them. She has great communication skills, kept us honest on the timelines and delivered within time. She was also flexible and made her contractors work while we were living in the house which we really appreciate. Also she was receptive to the feedback which we kept providing to her within the process be it matching design to meet our needs or cleaning up of trash after the contractors were done.

We found her renderings to be very useful as it was the exact replica of what we got in the end. These are very useful so that you don’t do any costly mistakes before the contractor start their work. Highly recommend to everyone. If you are looking to invest in your house and looking for interior designer look no further. She is your goto person. Thanks for all the fantastic work.


Home Owner

[ 2/14 ]

It was pleasure having Tvisha as our interior designer. She is very passionate about her work and pays attention to details. She listens to client requirements in detail, provides the options and walks through her thought process in order for us to make informed decisions. She shared renderings with us so it was easy for us to visualize how our remodeled home will look like and for us to make any changes to the design in the beginning.

Throughout the process she coordinated with the trades and ensured proper communication with us. I would definitely recommend Tvisha’s interior designer services to everyone who is looking to remodel their home.


Home Owner

[ 3/14 ]

I had an amazing experience working with Tvisha of White Wolf Interiors & Feng Shui Inc. I was blown away by her knowledge. I really learned a lot from her.

Not only does she do full design and renos, but she can also help to stylize or accessorize a home or office, and make sure that there is positive energy flowing through the room.

 Tvisha also has very flexible office hours, and she often conducts her initial discovery calls in the evening hours to accommodate her client’s busy schedule. Tvisha truly offers “one stop shopping” for your design or decorating needs. Thank you, Tvisha!


Home Owner

[ 4/14 ]

Using one word to describe Tvisha, owner of White Wolf Interiors, passionate comes to mind right away.

She has taken the time to educate and continues to educate herself on the many levels of Feng Shui. She is highly capable of designing your home and being the liaison between you and the contractors. She cares deeply about her client’s experience.

Tvisha goes above and beyond to make her clients home or office their “Happy Place”. I would highly recommend White Wolf Interiors to my friends and clients.


Home Owner

[ 5/14 ]

I had the pleasure of meeting with Tvisha from White Wolf Interiors and Feng Shui.

Not only is she extremely insightful in the areas of interior design in the traditional sense but she has deep knowledge of understanding how people are connected to their spaces. I learnt a lot in regards to feng shui and how your surroundings, including how your interior design is organized can affect your energy.

I look forward to learning more about Tvisha’s areas of expertise and bringing my clients to her as an added value


Home Owner

[ 6/14 ]

Tvisha staged our condo before listing and it was a complete transformation. Our home was great however it lacked that spark which new buyers would look for,

Tvisha ensured every nook and corner looks modern and classy, Her meticulous approach had me and my wife wonder if this was the same place we lived in a day before.

I would highly recommend Tvisha for your staging needs, as trust me, this is an art and you need an artist to do the right thing. Thanks Tvisha

Mitul D.

Home Owner

[ 7/14 ]

Every room in the house was tastefully decorated by Tvisha and presented in a way that really made the space feel inviting and welcoming.

The furniture was stylish and appropriately placed, and the color scheme was cohesive and warm. It was clear that a lot of care and attention had been given in selecting everything.

I would highly recommend Tvisha to anyone looking to stage their home. They truly know how to showcase a property's best features and make it stand out in the market.

Vinni T.

Home Owner

[ 8/14 ]

"Last April I had a consultation with Tvisha to help us with the layout of our 10 x 10 office space. I had read about the importance of desk placement to bring in new business opportunities and approached Tvisha to help. At our consultation, She immediately talked about the importance of Ch’i or Energy and how it affects your business and how placing certain items in your office will increase aspects of your business like, cash-flow & productivity. I learned so much about Feng Shui during our consultation. Not only did Tvisha provide amazing tips during our meeting but, her very detailed report included much more than just our desk placement, she also mentions about the use of plants, artwork, blinds and colours and much more.

Tvisha is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Feng Shui, her passion for this special art is infectious. I am happy to have her as part of our preferred interior design roster. I would highly recommend Tvisha to home owners and business owners".


Operations Manager

Maxlor Custom Homes & Renovations

[ 9/14 ]

"With Tvisha’s expert guidance and support throughout the decorating process, I no longer felt lost and overwhelmed. Her talent for using the principles of Feng Shui to design spaces with difficult layouts was an immense help in making my space work for my needs.

I also appreciated that she took functionality into consideration with each design choice without compromising on style. It has been a pleasure to work with Tvisha and I would highly recommend her".


Assistant Brand Manager

Iovate Health Sciences International Inc.

[ 10/14 ]

"Tvisha  is absolutely brilliant in Feng Shui and Interior decoration.

Her aesthetic sense is very refined and has superior talent in creating functional spaces. We were delighted to see the exquisite design she created for our Master Bathroom. Her 'Personal Feng Shui & Crystal' reading were spot on and gave a lot of insight and clarity on optimization of positive energy flow in our home and workspace. 

Tvisha is highly recommended if you are looking for a positive transformation of your work or living spaces".


Brand Strategist & Director 

Zoom Into Life Studio Inc.

[ 11/14 ]

I hired Tvisha to do a Feng Shui Consultation for my office space in the design studio.

I believe in Feng Shui but do not have the expertise in this field. Tvisha was very thorough and knowledgeable. Her expertise was showcased throughout her work. Quality, detail, and professionalism. A very detailed report was provided to me after her initial site observation. I implemented her suggestions and noticed an immediate improvement in business and health. I highly recommend Tvisha.


President / Creative Director

Lionsgate Design Inc.

[ 12/14 ]

Why choose White Wolf Interiors? We believe in merging aesthetics with functionality, producing an effortlessly-useable space while establishing an intentional atmosphere that pleases the eye and aligns energies according to your specific needs. The White Wolf Interiors method centers around listening to the client’s vision and creating one-of-a-kind harmonious spaces be it a commercial office or a residential space. Our Feng Shui interior design services work to invite positive chi into your space in order to provide energy and balance, thus creating a calm and pleasant experience for those who occupy the space. This harmony combined with pleasing aesthetics and impressive functionality is what sets us apart at White Wolf Interiors, guaranteeing a successful final result that checks all of your boxes both visually and spiritually.

Our Feng Shui designers and decorators are certified and contain a wealth of knowledge, as well as ample industry experience. Our team members have all achieved Feng Shui mastery which aids us in creating spaces that produce a positive flow of energy, helping to eliminate blockages and instead foster prosperity and happiness. 

Through an intensive knowledge of Feng Shui and interior design theory, and an up-to-date awareness of contemporary trends and classic styles, our Feng Shui interior decoration team is well-equipped to deliver the results that you’re looking for, no matter the style. Our vast experience allows us to pull inspiration from all areas of life in order to produce an aesthetic to suit your functional needs as well as your personal preferences, while adhering to traditional Feng Shui practices and techniques. Our deep understanding of the pillars of Feng Shui traditions and practices, combined with our inclination toward creative solutions allows us to create a unique, one-of-a-kind space that showcases your individuality and persona while providing a serene, aligned experience for all who enter the space.




The White Wolf Interiors Feng Shui decorating service follows a tried-and-true process that works to rearrange your space in a manner that realigns energies and creates harmony while also satisfying your budget, and your timeline.

Each project undergoes our 6-step system to ensure a successful result that exceeds expectations, while maintaining contact with our clients each step of the way!

Our 6-Step Process


Every Feng Shui project begins with a complementary 20-minute phone call, dedicated to creating a client brief of the upcoming project.

This discovery call is where we get to know you and your vision, as well as your goals for your Feng Shui realignment, helping us to steer the project toward success.

Complimentary Discovery  Call




The first consult is where we begin to go deeper into the intricacies of the Feng Shui project. We discuss in detail the scope, take measurements and photographs, and discuss timelines and deliverables. The first consult is where we determine a clear direction in regards to the goals of your project, discussing exactly what changes you’d like to see in your space and your personal wellbeing as a result of your Feng Shui rearrangement. This is where we decide and book services and sign contracts, while clearly defining parameters so that we can satisfy your wants and needs, while adhering to your budget and timeline.


design pHASE



During the design phase our decorator/consultant will create layouts and Feng Shui reports based on the scope of your project.

We prepare Feng Shui reports and order products, particularly crystals for our crystal reading service. This step is where the creative juices really get flowing, and the project begins to take shape!

Design Phase




The project phase is where the magic happens – our expert team gets to work to complete the Feng Shui transformation according to your specifications and creative vision.

This step is completed with the utmost efficiency, while paying close attention to every detail to ensure a perfectly balanced space that reflects who you truly are while promoting a happier, healthier lifestyle and a positive flow of energy.

Project Phase




Once the team has completed the project, we conduct a final quality check and clean up the project space.

We ensure that all project goals have been met, and that the new design and arrangement of your space is in-line with Feng Shui principles as well as your particular style preferences. Deliverables are complete and the space receives its final touches!

Project Completion




Finally, our Feng Shui designers will provide follow-up calls for any changes that need to be made after one month’s time.

At the three-month mark, we send out maintenance plans to ensure that your space remains balanced and you continue to experience the benefits of our professional Feng Shui design service.





White Wolf Interiors is proud to offer exceptional quality and attentive customer service with the creativity and expertise to match. Contact us to book your complimentary discovery call today!

Together we will brainstorm creative solutions that will transform your space and leave you feeling balanced, refreshed, calm, and invigorated. 

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